What do you need to bring to your appointment?

Dr Maxine Szramka

The more information that you bring with you to your appointment the easier it is for your doctor to review you and your case thoroughly in the consultation. Having the reports of all recent investigations including Xrays, MRIs and ultrasounds and blood tests is a big support for your doctor to get a clear picture of what has been affecting you and your health.

When you come for your appointment could you please bring copies of all of your latest blood tests and imaging, such as Xrays and MRIs. Please bring the reports if you have them and not just the films.

If you have any particular questions or concerns, please write them down and bring them with you so that you can be sure they have been answered in your consultation.

You do not need a referral to see Dr Maxine Szramka but, if you have a referral you can claim some money back from medicare for the consultation. If you have a referral letter, please bring it, thank you as it will facilitate quick and easy billing for you and the provision of important information vital for your consultation.