Information about your medications

In Rheumatology, there are specific drugs that we use to treat Rheumatological conditions. The Australian Rheumatology Association, in conjunction with Arthritis Australia, has provided medication information leaflets to help you to better understand the medications that you are taking. It is an important part of managing illness and disease to empower ourselves to know about the medications that we are on.

Below is a list of our most commonly used medications in Rheumatology and information about them. Please click on the name of the medication which will take you to a link with information regarding each relevant medication.

Its important that you read these documents before taking the medications and make sure that you are fully informed and have had all of your questions answered about the medications before starting them. If you have any further questions I suggest speaking with your Rheumatologist about them.

A good way of ensuring that you have all of your questions and concerns answered is to write them down and bring them to an appointment.

Medication Information Sheets