Pregnancy and Rheumatological conditions

Pregnancy is a beautiful time for a woman, and for a man too.

Rheumatological diseases can have an impact on successful pregnancy, and it’s important to also note that pregnancy can have an effect on the activity of Rheumatological diseases.

In addition the medications that are used to control the Rheumatological disease successfully can potentially affect the safety of the pregnancy. For these reasons, it is very important to be well informed about potential risks of conditions, pregnancies and medications, and to make sure that pregnancies are planned in advance as much as possible.

It is important when you have a Rheumatological disease to have conversations both with your Rheumatologist, as well as your treating obstetrician to explore the options for you to support you in making your decisions when it comes to your disease management and your pregnancy.

I’ve included here a link to a great resource. Please click below.

Pregnancy and Rheumatic Diseases

Please note these resources are educational only and are not intended to and do not replace any conversations and advice that you will get from your treating physicians where advice is tailored to your specific needs. Your physicians are the best support for you in this time.